The Afghan Medical Journal (AMJ) is an official national/international open-access peer-reviewed journal, certified by the ministry of higher education, with ISSN 3007-0805 (Online) and ISSN 3007-0791 (Print) numbers, and functions under the oversight of an editorial board of the Kabul University of Medical Sciences (KUMS). KUMS is the first ever medical and higher education institute established in 1932 as a faculty of medicine, in the country with a vision to building healthy and prosperous society through imparting higher medical education and empowerment societies.

The printed version of the journal was established about 7 decades ago and has since published 194 serial issues providing cutting edge knowledge in the medicine and public health. The AMJ specifically encourages the faculty, practitioners and students to make the new knowledge, they obtained through robust research methods, available by publishing in the AMJ for national and global readership for optimal impact. The new knowledge disseminated through the journal informs policies and programs that improve the health and wellbeing of the humans. Online publication of the journal as well as indexing with global online databases will increase its readership and audience multifold and consequently its impact will substantially increase.